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Follow-up Gift for Entrepreneurial Dev. in Iowa

John Pappajohn Announces $3.5 Million Follow-up Gift for Entrepreneurial Development in Iowa

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2000

DES MOINES, Iowa — Four Iowa colleges today received another generous gift totaling $3.5 million from Des Moines businessman John Pappajohn to continue the development of Iowa entrepreneurs. The announcement was made during Pappajohn’s presentation at the first annual Iowa Venture Capital Conference, held at the Des Moines Marriott. The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, The University of Northern Iowa, and North Iowa Area Community College were selected to receive the gift and were challenged to further their work in the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers located at each institution.

In 1996, Pappajohn donated $4.5 million to five Iowa colleges for the purpose of educating students in the business of entrepreneurship and to assist aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in successfully starting and managing businesses to achieve their dreams. Since then, 3,248 program participants have been educated by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers, and more than 450 new businesses have been launched.

"I am pleased that my vision is producing results and excited that in just four short years, the Entrepreneurial Centers have made a significant contribution to Iowa’s economy," said Pappajohn. "This new gift will assist the colleges in furthering the development of programs and services."

Pappajohn added, "The Entrepreneurial Centers have assisted in the organization of over 450 new businesses, providing opportunities to keep Iowa college and university students in the state of Iowa after graduation. I hope that our legislature will recognize this opportunity and provide additional support to promote entrepreneurialism in the state of Iowa."


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